Next Remix for Thomas Lemmer

On the 11th of August 2017 Thomas Lemmer will be releasing his second single „A IV“ from his album
AMBITRONIC on the label Sine Music. The single will be available at all well-known download stores.
„I wanted to create something different, something abstract and far from the usual Chillout or Ambient genre
typical style.“
A IV turned out to be exactly like that. Abstract, hard to describe and something refreshingly new in the
Downtempo and Chillout scene.
The decision to release this track as the second single of AMBITRONIC was easy. It’s not just a catchy and
unique track, it also leaves plenty of room for different interpretations and remixes.
Outstanding remixes of the Tech-House-Jazz icon Dee C’rell, the Deep House formation Spring Reason & Below
Bangkok or the chillout specialists Charlie North, Normandie and Silky Wave are taking this release to another
Thomas Lemmer contributed an additional alternative mix and a brand new “Ambient House” remix.
„I hope this track gets the attention it deserves and people enjoy the various remixes as much as I did.“
Discover the unexpected.

New Fresh Summer Sampler with Normandie

On 26th of May 2017 Sine Music will be finally releasing „Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7“. The compilation will be available as download at all well-known downloadstores.

Awoken from its beauty sleep the seventh edition of this series offers simply the latest, best and many exclusive tracks. 26 tracks and a playing time of at least 140 minutes.
„Sine – Glittering Waves“ let’s you find peace at blazing heat, fan your face and enjoy the moment. Until there’s that refreshment you’ve craved for with „Dr. Deep House – Stonewashed“ . Dip your toes into the seawater and watch the waves move. And maybe have a cocktail?
Many of the Sine Music family but also friends have contributed their wonderful tracks for this CD. Amongst them are new and exclusive tracks from SINE, Polished Chrome, Tauon, Fade, Sferix and some newcomers in the family like „Silky Waves“ with their beautiful track „Under my skin“ and many more.

„Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7“ is a definite declaration of love to summer and relaxation.



New Normandie Remix

Pulsative and spherical. With engaging, cinematic dimensions you’ll be captivated by the different facets “A X” has to offer. The song unfolds like an atomized drop of water but still remains of the same matter.
The Sine Music family, which Thomas Lemmer and the three remixers have been belonging to for a long time now, celebrates the music, relaxation and meditative states with this EP.
Next to Thomas Lemmer and SINE, which both created their very own remix of “A X”, there are Sferix, Normandie and Polished Chrome on board.
Moreover, „A X“ is the tenth song on Thomas Lemmer’s forthcoming album „Ambitronic“. This also explains the title of the EP: A for Ambitronic and X for the Roman numeral ten.
One song and so many ways to express the emotions in it. Let yourself be enchanted by “A X”.



New Album

Time changes and is almost standing still. The daily routine is slowed down… Taking the time for yourself is always taking the time for something new as well!
The journey has taken a long time but Normandie has found his home port and has his new studio album TIME LAPSE on board.
Normandie creates a soundscape of its own using his distinctive understanding for fresh electronic sounds combined with classical instruments and improving all this with groovy beats.
With „Legacy“ Normandie proves that he succeeds in elevating you into dreamy atmospheres despite using various percussions. It sounds so seductively grooving that you wish this track would never end.
And just like in the meaning of this album title you can see Salvador Dalí’s clocks melt while listening to „Beautiful Country“.
Because time changes and is almost standing still.
Be prepared for the journey to yourself.